Random shooting pains in lower right stomach?

Answer HEART ATTACK!!- CALL 911!!!

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Chest pains, stomach aches and slight random limb pains?

For the stomach, could be really bad acid reflex/heart burn. Also, could be a ucler, but the pain would had to go on for months to get this problem. Not sure about the limb pain.

Can lower back pain and lower stomach pains be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer It depends on what the lower stomache pains feel like. If it is a crampy type pain, then yes, this can be a symptom of pregnancy ,as is lower back pain.Within the first 20 weeks.

If your on the pill and have sharp shooting pains in your stomach and have brown spotting plus a dull back ache are these signs of pregnancies?

Are lower stomach pains and hot flashes and loss of appetite signs of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, they can be. But it can also mean a whole lot of other things too. Virus, etc...Each person is different when it comes to signs and symptoms of pregnancy.