Random.... What is in your opinion, the best youtube video ever?

Answer ok, her r the followingANY Fred vid:)Snape Song-Let Me Penetrate YouThe Snape Song-Potions Master 101Harry Potter DubHarry Potter Dub 2the dubs mak me laugh, and so do the fred ones!luv em!

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What is the BEST video you have ever seen on YouTube?

I adore this video…It makes me cry seriously. Which a lot of people think pathetic but oh gosh it's so sad. I've watched it so many times

In your opinion what is the best tv series ever and why?

The Ascent of ManTo see Jacob Bronowski scoop up a handful of what he thought was just muddy water from a puddle in Auschwitz and realise that it contained the ashes of incinerated victims of the H... Read More »

In your opinion what is the best movie ever?

Animal House (1978)Bluto: Christ. Seven years of college down the drain. Might as well join the f*ck*ng Peace Corps.

What, in your opinion, is the best tv show ever made?