Random Sample : What makes the best tamales?

Answer Jalepenos baby!!!I like 'em hot & spicy!!!

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How to Draw a Random Sample?

A sample is a subset of a population. When doing research, you usually cannot access your entire population, so you take a sample. A variety of sampling schemes exist, including convenience sampl... Read More »

Who makes Hot Tamales candy?

Just Born Inc. has produced Hot Tamales candy, a chewy, spicy cinnamon sweet, since 1950. This privately owned company, based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, makes several other candies, including chic... Read More »

Where are the best handmade tamales in Houston?

The best are the homemade ones. Ask every Hispanic person you know at work, church or your neighborhood. If this is just not an option, then try the ones at La Mexicana Restaurant on Fairview and... Read More »

What is the best way to remove a DNA sample from my couch?

That's not DNA. I spilled some frosting when I was eating my toaster strudel. Sorry...