Ram: Two 128 MB or one 256MB?

Answer Technically there's no difference between 1 256MB and 2 128MB units, except in the case where something goes wrong.2 things can go wrong, your computer's mother board memory slots can fail/burn out... Read More »

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Installed 512MB 133Mhz SDRAM into my P2 system with 256MB 133Mhz SDRAM installed and only 256MB RAM shows up?

Well maybe your motherboard doesnt support any higher than that. Happens alot.

256mb vs 512mb?

256mb is adequate for most applications, but more is always better, especially when it comes to games. If price isn't much of an issue, get the 512.

What is 256MB DDR SDRAM?

DDR SDRAM is a type of computer memory module. Its initials stand for "double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory." 256MB DDR SDRAM is a memory module with a size of 256 megabytes.Re... Read More »

How many songs can fit on a 256mb mp3 player?

A 256mb MP3 player can hold roughly four hours of music, or 60 different songs. The amount of songs the player can hold will be determined by the length of those songs.Source:Amazon: 256mb MP3 Play... Read More »