Raising the ground level around a 10 year old holly tree?

Answer your best best is to put a ring of blocks around the tree, about three feet from the trunk and build up the ground level outside of the ring. you can mulch more to make it a smoother transition, bu... Read More »

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Raising pH level of soil?

You can use a granular rather than powered lime. It works faster.If it is a small amount in a pot or container, just use baking soda and mix it into the soil. This will raise the pH faster than t... Read More »

Raising the Level of a Concrete Floor?

If you have a concrete slab that is not level, the chances of effectively laying down flooring are not in your favor. Even if the slab is slightly off, this defect could spell major problems during... Read More »

Raising the Water Level in Kohler Toilets?

Like an engine, the parts inside your toilet require fine-tuning for optimal performance. Each flush of the toilet causes the fill valve inside the tank to replenish lost water. The Kohler fill val... Read More »

About the Holly Tree?

The holly tree has played a vital role in America's history for many years. Early colonists boiled the tree's pine tops to make a tea for relieving coughs. Holly leaves, with their bright red berri... Read More »