Raising Money!!!!!!?

Answer Lemonade stand (cheesy but worth a shot), garage sales, helping out at stores. I hope these help. I'm 11 now and I always sell electronics and save up my lunch money instead of eating lunch. Over t... Read More »

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Is there money in raising emus?

On One Hand: Emus Are a Profitable CommodityAccording to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, emus provide a variety of salable products, including meat, leather, oil, and egg shells for decor. You ... Read More »

What do you think about fund raising or asking for money to...?

I think if you have to ask, you can't afford it.No matter what 'it' is, a wedding, a child, a vacation.People who do this are playing on others sympathies, which is even sicker.

How to Make Money Raising Chickens?

Raising chickens offers money-making opportunities. Fresh eggs, hormone-free meat and baby chicks in springtime are highly prized commodities. Even chicken feathers have value. But there are severa... Read More »

Can you make money raising worms?

On One Hand: You Can Make MoneyIt is possible to make money raising worms. Compared with other living products, worms are easy to raise, don't require a lot of space and are not expensive to mainta... Read More »