Raising Children Vegetarian?

Answer Totally agree.If I see parents eating at McDonalds and giving their kids double cheeseburgers, I think that is child neglect. If it's every day, then most definitely it is.When I see parents giving... Read More »

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Raising a vegetarian child?

There are some really great books that can help you with vegetarian nutrition. It is perfectly healthy to raise your child as a vegetarian, as long as you are properly balancing her diet. Even the ... Read More »

Raising a baby who is a vegetarian, is it okay?

Not to be mean but you aren't a vegetarian and your baby won't be either. Vegetarians do not eat any meat by definition and fish is meat. Your diet is known as pescatarian. Consider these things, a... Read More »

Why is it there are no moms who are raising their children who say they wish ....?

I guess losing a child - either to adoption - or to death - is not something a parent really ever WANTS to go through.Most are wired to want to care for their children.Sadly there are those that do... Read More »

What is it like raising two children in diapers?

I had PPD with my 4 yr old and I have a 3yr old (17 months between) and a 18 month old (22 months between). I took Zoloft for my PPD during both pregnancies... but I weaned off in the last month o... Read More »