Rainbird Maxi Paw Tips?

Answer The Rain Bird Maxi Paw is an underground impact sprinkler that stays hidden until the irrigation timer sets it off. Then it rises above the ground, and behaves and functions like a typical impact s... Read More »

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How to Adjust a RainBird T-40?

The RainBird T-Bird T-40 sprinkler system is a gear-driven rotor system that accommodates various sprinkler nozzles. The T-40 sprinkler nozzle can be adjusted to increase or decrease the arc while ... Read More »

How to Program a Rainbird ESP-LX?

For use in both residential and commercial installations, the Rainbird ESP-LX Modular Controller offers a flexible design, which can be adapted to nearly any situation. This high-end controller uti... Read More »

How do I adjust a RainBird 5000?

Radius AdjustmentTurn the radius-adjustment screw, which allows you to change the radius or distance of the sprinkler up to 25 percent. Insert a flathead screwdriver in the "radius adjustment slot"... Read More »

How do i adjust rainbird sprinklers?

Create a Full CircleTake out the vandal collar and twist the nozzle all the way to the right until it will not go any further. Place the vandal collar back in place and again, turn the nozzle clock... Read More »