Rain Tree Facts?

Answer The rain tree has a distinctive wide-arched canopy and is native in the United States and tropical countries. It provides excellent shade cover and as a result is planted along roadsides, parks and... Read More »

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Golden Rain Tree Facts?

The golden rain tree is most well known for its beautiful yellow flowers and is one of the few trees with that characteristic, according to Nature Hills Nursery. One common name for the golden rain... Read More »

Facts About the Canopy Layer of the Rain Forest?

The spatial and vertical structure of a rainforest consists of three basic layers, which includes the canopy, understory and the ground, and reflects the environment's response to available sunligh... Read More »

Is a golden rain tree invasive?

The golden rain tree (Koelreuteria elegans) is a Taiwan-native ornamental considered to be a category II exotic invasive plant. This tree is known to grow extremely fast, which in turn will crowd o... Read More »

Does the golden rain tree have thorns?

Golden rain trees do not grow thorns. Instead, their most notable physical characteristic is the appearance of seed pods the color of salmon in the early summer. The seed pods remain on the tree th... Read More »