Rain Forest Curriculum Ideas?

Answer Teaching about the diverse ecosystems that make up our world not only allows children to gain a greater understanding of the world as a whole, but also helps children to understand the importance o... Read More »

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Rain Forest Poster Ideas?

Rain forests are important because at least half of the species on earth make them their home. With an eye-catching poster, you can share your knowledge about rain forests and help protect them by ... Read More »

School-Age Rain Forest Ideas?

Rain forests have been described as "the womb of the world" because they contain from 50 percent to 90 percent of the Earth's species. They cover around 6 percent of the world's surface and have be... Read More »

How to Help the Rain Forest?

Rainforests are disappearing very quickly due to trees being cut down for paper and other materials. This can cause a big problem because rainforests are needed for oxygen and for clean air. In ord... Read More »

Cutting Down the Rain Forest?

According to Raintree Nutrition, rain forests once covered 14 percent of the earth's surface, but as of 2010 they cover only 6 percent. Rain forests are cut down due to the industrialization of dev... Read More »