Rain Bird Drip Kit Information?

Answer The Rain Bird Drip Kit is a drip irrigation system. The watering method is designed to slowly deliver water to plants exactly where water is needed most, which is at the roots, according to the Rai... Read More »

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Rain Barrel & Drip System Project for Schools?

Teaching students to use rain barrels to store water and drip irrigation to use the water that has been collected gives them life-long lessons in sustainability and self-reliance. Rain barrels stor... Read More »

Information on Hydroponics Drip Systems?

Hydroponic methods are efficient ways to grow plants without soil. A common form of hydroponics is a method referred to as drip irrigation, or drip systems. This is a process of constantly pumpin... Read More »

Rain Bird Sprinkler Types?

Rain Bird Corp. makes a wide selection of sprinkler types to accommodate varying turf and landscape needs. Throw distance, pattern shape and riser height are chief among the variables in each desig... Read More »

How to Replace a Rain Bird Impact Sprinkler?

Rain Bird is a major manufacturer of impact sprinkler heads designed for large areas. Water pressure is forced through a small nozzle that is aimed directly at a metal or plastic paddle. This paddl... Read More »