Railway booking status was WL/81,PQWL and current status is WL/31 which do not show PQWL what is that?

Answer Pooled Quota WL - Maintained for pooled quota (starting station to end station). PQ is starting to end station quota, different from General quota, used to allot intermediate station passengers, pr... Read More »

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Railway reservation booking status was w/L 81, PQWL now as on today it shows current status as W/L 28.?

It will get confirmed 100%. The reason waiting list cuts off so fast is because people tend to do two separate bookings for their convenience and cancel the other as per their date convenience. I t... Read More »

My ticket frm indian railways shows wl/1,pqwl but current status is confirmed.wat does it meanwil i get seat?

Yes, now if the ticket is confirmed you will get the seat but seat number will be given at the time of chart preparation. That is 3 or 4 hrs before the train departs.Your ticket is confirmed.

Facebook: ok so i accidently hit the show less status' button on one of my friends status', how do i fix it?

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My journey-coimbatore to manthralayam on 20.04.2013. My status is PQWL - 16 & WL-4.?

100 percent it will get confirmed. Because PQWL never comes in RAC it will get confirmed directly. Your date of travel is also now very far, expect to confirm in MARCH END ITSELF