Railroad Derailment and Rail Tools?

Answer Trains transport everything from food and steel to automobiles and tourists. A vital component of the U.S. transportation infrastructure, trains have a good safety record, but derailments do occur ... Read More »

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The search for a railroad rail?

Go to a metals recycler and tell him what you need, he may have a couple feet, and might let it go cheap. You might be able to snatch that bent up piece, but even laying around, it might belong to ... Read More »

Who built the Union Pacific track of the rail road of the transcontinental railroad?

Grenville Dodge was the "engineer" not to be confused with the person who runs a locomotive.Samuel B. Reed was the "Chief of Construction"Labor consisted of freed slaves from the south and a mixtur... Read More »

Could a ROCK cause a DERAILMENT?

Any rock you can lift or move - no.However, if it was large enough it could damage the train. There is also a minor risk of nearby people being hit by bits of rock on impact.The general rule is thi... Read More »

When reporting a malfunctioning railroad gate what are the advantages of calling the railroad VS the police?

The railroad can get it repaired and immediatly notify any approaching trains to stop and protect the crossing. All crossings are required to have a sign posted with an emergency number to call and... Read More »