Rail Fence Installation?

Answer Rail fences are most often found on farms and horse ranches. These wooden fence structures feature posts approximately every 6 to 8 feet, with two or three horizontal railings in between. These fen... Read More »

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How do I draw a spilt rail fence?

Draw the Vertical Posts of the Split Rail FenceDraw vertical, thin rectangles to represent the vertical posts of the split rail fence. Space these posts so that the horizontal distance between them... Read More »

How to Install Split Rail Fence?

The split rail fence was created at a time when power tools and manufactured fencing materials had not been invented. As a result, building a split rail fence does not require digging holes for pos... Read More »

How to Build Split Rail Fence?

Split rail fences were once built by simply stacking split logs in a zig-zag fashion. Modern split rail fences, also called post and rail fences, make use of fence posts. A split rail fence is easy... Read More »

How do I install a split rail fence?

PreparationContact your local utility companies to make sure that no water, electric or gas lines are buried near the fence line. Put stakes at all of the corners. Run a string from one to the othe... Read More »