Radiology Technician Qualifications?

Answer Radiology technicians are also known as radiographers and are responsible for using radiographic equipment, or X-ray machines, to produce images of a patient's body. Radiology technicians work clos... Read More »

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How to Become a Radiology Technician?

Radiology is the study of radioactive substances called radiation. The radioactive element enables the radiology technician via special equipment to produce x-ray images. The terms x-ray technician... Read More »

Why should I become a radiology technician?

Radiology technicians, also called radiographers and radiologic technicians, assist radiology departments and doctors with obtaining X-ray images of patients' bodies. They follow strict procedures ... Read More »

How much does a radiology technician make in CT?

As of 2009, radiology technicians in Connecticut received average hourly wages of $29.01 and average annual salaries of $60,325, according to the Connecticut Department of Labor. The average entry-... Read More »

How fast can I become a radiology technician?

You can become a radiology technician after about 18 to 24 months of study. This is the time required to obtain an accreditation certificate. Initial program work includes a full load of courses an... Read More »