Radio scanner digital vs. analog?

Answer Yes, a digital scanner is capable of receiving analog and digital signals. To see if you need to get a digital scanner, you can go to RadioReference's online database and see if your area has any d... Read More »

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I have a question i am thinking of switching from an analog scanner to a digital scanner are they worth the mo?

All scanners are digital ...The 'analogue' part is the optics for focussing the image onto the CCD (charge-coupled-device) which is the chip which takes the light values on it and converts this int... Read More »

What are analog and digital systems and give examples of analog and digital?

Analog systems are what I call wave systems. They have a value that changes steadily over time and can have any one of an infinite set of values in a range. Analog systems are what I call wave syst... Read More »

Analog-to-digital conversion is better then digital to analog?

Is the Radio Shack Pro-160, A Digital Scanner?

No, it is an analog scanner…