Radiator Leak Indicators?

Answer A car's radiator is exposed to many elements from the road, including salt, heat, chemicals -- even simple oxygen in the air -- that will wear it down over the years. Eventually a radiator is likel... Read More »

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How to Fix a Radiator Leak?

A leaky radiator can be caused by many things. Insufficient coolant and too much water in the cooling system can cause the internals of the radiator to rust and corrode or hoses can dry out and cra... Read More »

Causes of a Radiator Leak?

Radiators keep a vehicle’s essential parts cool. They allow the engine to function properly and prevent overheating whether a vehicle is idling in traffic or running a long distance without stopp... Read More »

Signs of a Radiator Leak?

Having a basic knowledge of automobile troubleshooting can save a lot of time and money spent on diagnostics when something appears to be wrong with your car. One problem many drivers run into is a... Read More »

How to Plug a Radiator Leak?

Excessive heat build-up in an engine causes substantial damage to the engine and internal components. Coolant circulating through an engine keeps heat in check. The coolant travels from the engine ... Read More »