Racism gone too far - UK?

Answer Curry isn`t an indian dish it was first eaten in India by the British officers and family when they were on duty out there in the late 19th century, there were no fridges and with the heat the meat... Read More »

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Is it racism?

No, it's not called racism, it's called colorism, it happenes in many races.It's really sad. The person who made fun of you is an idiot.

How many deaths have been cause be racism?

Using race in its normal definition, millions of deaths. Races have been killing or starving other races since history began. If you consider Jews a race - as many do - then 6 million were killed i... Read More »

How to Recognize Racism?

Are you or your friends racists and you don't even know it? Here are a few things that just might help you see if you are.

How to Overcome Racism?

Overcoming racism can be difficult, but provided your attitude is right, you can help convince others to stop behaving and speaking in a racist manner. If you can do that, you're all set.