Rachael Rays First Show?

Answer I thought she did a good job. I could tell she was a little nervous, but who wouldn't be. She is so cute and lively how could you not like her. I think as it goes along she will calm down and all w... Read More »

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Where to find refrigerator and stove like ones on Rachael Ray cooking show?

Her fridge is a Big Chill fridge go to and you will find it.

Do X-Rays on Dogs Show Cancer?

It can be worrying to think that your pet might have cancer. Unexplained symptoms or growths might cause you concern about the health of your pet. There are several ways of diagnosing this conditio... Read More »

What could be wrong if you have pain in your back and neck with numbness and some dizzyness and headaches but x-rays and a sinus ct show nothing?

Answer X-rays wouldn't really show much. When I had an X-ray done of my neck it showed the curve of my neckbone being backwards. So I was set up with a MRI to see if I had a herniated disk. The MRI... Read More »

Rachael ray $40 a day?

god i am glad i'm not the only one that was extremely annoyed by this woman's audacity to tip that poorly. i mean, HOW much money does she make? those poor waiters and waitresses. first they hav... Read More »