RV Curtain Window Treatments?

Answer For some people, their RV is home, whether it is full time or a portion of the year. It is not surprising that these mobile homes have amenities that rival a home attached to a plot of land. TV's, ... Read More »

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Curtain & Drape Window Treatments?

There are so many window treatments available that it can be hard to choose draperies or curtains for a room. Window treatments bring character to a room; well-chosen curtains will dress a room and... Read More »

Who invented the window curtain?

The invention of curtains and other window treatments cannot be credited to any one individual. People have been covering openings with cloth and other materials for millenia. Ancient cave dwelle... Read More »

How to Measure a Curtain for a Bay Window?

Regular windows are usually a snap to buy curtains for. They run in single and double measurements in which both curtain rods and curtains are pre-cut and mass-produced to fit. However, bay windows... Read More »

How do I curtain a small window?

MaterialsMeasure the window both vertically and horizontally. Sew or purchase windows in the appropriate length and width for the small window's shape and size. Consider valances over small windows... Read More »