RTV TELEVISION - Do you agree with this Poll I Guess Like Marmite You Either Love it Or Hate It?

Answer Like any poll Sue it is not representative of everybody. Polls should be extensive and take a cross section of the population, be random not ask the opinions of the few and restricted to a certain... Read More »

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Hate it or Love it - marmite?

Marmite love or hate?

mar mite tastes like sulfur !!!!!!i have a small jar of it from my wife's friends who live in England. aw full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… it is definitely an acquired taste and a deli... Read More »

Marmite love it or hate it?

i totaly luv it but its 2nd on my list after vegimite double yummy

Marmite, Do you love it or hate it?