R&P...Welcome To RANT TOWN!?

Answer i see you having fun in rant town, hun!!i love classic rock. it do but i also do enjoy modern rock as well. i also loooove the beatles. i don't care what anyone says. with me though, it's more what... Read More »

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How to Rant?

Many people enjoy ranting about things when they are in a bad mood, usually to relieve stress, though some compile rants for publication. As the successes of popular satirists George Carlin and Geo... Read More »

Just wanting to rant!! And a little Q too :)?

ARGH hun!This happened to me with my very last ovulation test......error code, couldn't believe it!You should be able to return it! lolGood luck hun, hope we both get our BFP's tomorrow!! that woul... Read More »

Can the Samsung Rant be used with AT&T?

The Samsung Rant, for the Sprint network, does not work on AT&T's network. The Samsung Rant runs on a CDMA frequency for Sprint, while AT&T runs on a GSM frequency. The two frequencies do not cross... Read More »

How to Write a Rant?

Ranting is a popular, if not always effective way to convey strong feelings in today's modern society. Whether a rant is for the purpose of informing other people, or just bursting with rage, eithe... Read More »