RPG Quest Ideas?

Answer In both video and tabletop role-playing games, a good story sucks players in, while a bad story spits them right out. All the best gameplay in the world won't count for much without an effective st... Read More »

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Math Talent Quest Ideas?

The Mathematics Talent Quest is an opportunity for students to participate in math exploration as a class, small group or as an individual. The Mathematics Talent Quest awards certificate, prizes a... Read More »

How to Do Monday Quest in "AQW"?

"Adventure Quest Worlds" (AQW) is a massively multi-player online role-playing game that is actually a spinoff of the single-player online RPGs "Adventure Quest" and "Dragon Fable." One of the feat... Read More »

How Do I Get the Master Quest in "FlyFF"?

"FlyFF," or "Fly For Fun," is a massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) developed and published by Korean game company, Gala Lab. "FlyFF" provides its players with many quests, one of ... Read More »

How to Restart a Quest in "Fallout 3"?

In "Fallout 3" and "Fallout: New Vegas," players sometimes encounter bugged quests. In the console versions of the game, you must reload a game saved prior to experiencing the bug. In the PC versio... Read More »