R&P what is a fact some people might not know about you?

Answer That I'm a singer

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Fact or Myth: It is true Bad weather can cause people have 'Migraine'?

in my opinion i think it's true why? I used to have migraines when it would rain every single time it rained i'd tell my friend to go check outside to see if it was raining or not and each time it ... Read More »

Why do a lot of people choose to be ignorant to the fact that Michael Jackson's children might be his?

You know, I know a couple, one is black, one is white and all they have kids - both are completely white. People always want to believe the worst in Michael - it's such a shame because they miss ou... Read More »

Why do people sitll support PETA even though its a known fact that they kill animals?

You mean euthanize animals? What are they supposed to do , literally take home the thousands of animals that end up in their possession? They are for the ETHICAL treatment of animals they are not a... Read More »

Anyone else notice the alarming fact that people now a day think rock i either ACDC or coldplay?

I believe that trend started in the 90's when the moneymakers began generalizing and reorganizing categories of music, which is why I don't watch music awards. Btw, I really hate Coldplay with a pa... Read More »