RP: Have you ever tried the bloody tampon?

Answer ...I'm not Edward Cullen

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I want the bloody truth!!!!?

Long, thin, needles with formula to numb the pain go straight into the gum line, stitches, a little elbow grease from the doc, and wisdom teeth. You'll probably hear the doc pulling the... Read More »

What do you do if you have a bloody nose?

tilt it back as in look towards the sky 45* back, not flat on your back back...then just apply pressure and/or stick a piece of tightly folded up paper towel in there...some people say tampons... b... Read More »

Cant bloody sleep! HELP!?

masturbate.No sleeping pills you can get addicted to those things! Or they have really bad side effects...They're bad for you!!if not masturbation, cuddle with your dog or something?i've also heard... Read More »

How to Find Bloody GIR?

So you have heard of Bloody GIR, but don't know how to find him? Here are some ideas.