(RE)Is speaker broken or computer have problem?

Answer Test you speakers and headset on a friend's PC, FIRST. That way you'll know that they are OK, or not.Then, you need to find the correct VISTA Realtek High Definition Audio device driver for your P... Read More »

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Computer problem: My computer keeps freezing up and I have to force it to shut down,?

Sounds like a virus for sure. Just because you ran a clean virus check doesn't mean you don't have a virus.Anti-virus programs can only scan for KNOWN viruses. If a new or unknown virus has made ... Read More »

Would it be a problem to sync my friend's new ipod on my computer since she doesn't have a working computer of her own?

No it shouldn't be a problem at all, you go ahead and do that!

I have no sound when using the speaker output on the back of the computer?

I try would Mike's suggestion, I believe the little metal piece may be causing the computer to think you have speakers/headphones already plugged in, so it's trying to direct it to that port.Anothe... Read More »

My computer keeps popping up with 'you have a security problem' and i dont have a clue how to get rid of it?

Firstly, antivirus programs will NOT pick these up as they are malicious codecs.Download the following free removal programs:SmitFraudFix:…How to use SmitF... Read More »