RED ALERT! The Most Destructive Virus Ever?

Answer Seems to be a hoax per…and…and…and Read More »

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What was the most destructive eruption of Mauna Loa?

Mauna Loa, which is located on the big island of Hawaii, is the biggest volcano in the world and the most destructive in the chain of islands that comprise the state of Hawaii. Its worst eruption o... Read More »

What is mean by destructive and non destructive scanning?

Destructive SAVING implies data compression (JPG format). Other formats like TIFF and BMP are nondestructive, because they don't compress the data.Otherwise known as "lossy" compression.

The most difficult virus i have ever seen in my life, NEED HELP PLEASE.?

I'm no expert, but this doesn't seem like just a virus that was released, I think you are actively being hacked. I would try contacting RuneScape's Support team, they might actually know what is g... Read More »

What is the most dangerous computer virus, trojan horse, PUP, backdoor, worm, etc..., ever made?

i would have to say the BIOS virus, its called CIH and most modern BIOS's are patched against it. but think about it. the BIOS is the lowest level of your system, if that gets taken over, your pret... Read More »