READ QUICKLY!!how to connect bose 901 speakers using.....?

Answer Hi There...Your first response is incorrect...He obviously has no experience with the 901 system...Please read this:The Bose 901's come with a stand-alone EQ that MUST be used with these speakers..... Read More »

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Can you connect Bose speakers& traditional speakers to the same receiver?

On a technical level, you can connect any types of speakers together as long as you do not go below the minimum ohm load. Mixing Bose speakers and traditional speakers is not recommended, but most ... Read More »

How do I connect speakers to Bose?

Connecting Speakers to a Bose Sound System.Press the "Power" button to turn off the Bose sound system. Unplug the sound system. Find the left and right "Variable Out" jacks in the back of the sound... Read More »

How to connect Bose cinematic speakers to tv?

Connect the AUDIO OUT from the back of the TV to the AUDIO IN of the BOSE unit.

Can Bose companion 2 speakers connect to lg 42ld520 tv?

You can connect Bose Companion 2 speakers to almost any television. For what I tried now, if your television has at least Jack output(1) or Optical output(2), you are good!(1) If you want to use th... Read More »