RCA Universal Remote Control Programming Codes for apex tv?

Answer I don't have the codes, however I can tell you how to find the code on your remote without pressing any numbers! Hold the code search button until the red light on the remote remains on. Then, pr... Read More »

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What is the Universal remote codes for apex tv?

It depends on the brand of remote you are using. You will need to check your users manual. If there is no code for your paticular brand most brands have codes for others. Alternatively if your remo... Read More »

What are the codes for an APEX tv for dish network remote control?

Here are the codes for APEX TVs: 757, 744, 595, 118, 743, 618, or 005. Here are the instructions for programming the remote to you TV: Address Remote to TV/Other Devices While at the device locat... Read More »

What are codes for programming ge tv with rca universal remote rcr412b?

go to this website. Read More »

What are the programming codes for a vextra 6 in 1 universal remote?

Vextra 6 in 1 Universal Remote Control, Model #A17G0328/975198Codes Can be Found in the 6-in-1 Universal Remote Operating Instructions Booklet.The URL listed below is a link for the Operating Instr... Read More »