R134a Definition?

Answer R-134a refers to a refrigerant commonly used in new automobile air-conditioning systems and in retrofitted automobile air-conditioning systems. R-134a replaced R-12 and other chlorofluorocarbon (CF... Read More »

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Can i mix r12&r134a?

R12 and R134a are different coolants for car air conditioners. Mixing them will create higher operating pressures in the compressor of an air conditioner, which can cause it to fail.References:AA1... Read More »

How much R134a is needed?

Most air-conditioning systems use a total of 2.2 lb. of coolant. Some systems may require more, some less. To top off a system, consumer products exist that hook to the low pressure port on the A/C... Read More »

How Often to Recharge the R134A?

After 1994, the Environmental Protection Agency officially banned the production of R12 refrigerant and replaced it with R134a, which is less harmful to the ozone layer. When the air-conditioning i... Read More »

How to Change From R12 to R134a?

Vehicles manufactured prior to 1995 employ the use of R12 freon as a cooling in their air conditioning systems. Due to concerns about ozone depletion, the production of R12 was banned in the United... Read More »