Quitting a job after one day?

Answer If they disclosed this in the job requirements then you should have turned down the position. I would say give it one more day if you don't like it, then talk with your boss and turn in your stuff... Read More »

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I'm still having mini spasm's after quitting alcohol after 6 days?

Some people have muscle spasms and jerks for a solid six months into sobriety. A deficiency of the mineral magnesium in your blood causes muscle spasms, and alcohol makes the kidneys empty more w/o... Read More »

Is this normal after quitting smoking?

Your lung have little hairs on them to protect the lungs.When you smoke these little hairs get burnt off.Smoking causes damage to the lungs.When you quit the lungs start to repair.You will feel tha... Read More »

Do the lungs recover after quitting smoking?

On One Hand: Lungs RecoverAfter quitting, a smoker's lungs will recover. The lung function and capacity will increase. Cilia cells in the lungs will regrow, which reduces the risk of lung infection... Read More »

Can lungs get better after quitting smoking?

On One Hand: Your Lungs Start To Heal Almost ImmediatelyTwo weeks to three months after quitting, your lung capacity dramatically improves. Within the first one to nine months, coughing decreases ... Read More »