Quit smoking but worried i smoked to much whilst pregnant?

Answer Omg, dont listen to the people above me! While smoking is not good for your baby, I doubt any serious damage has been done. Years ago, before the dangers of smoking were widely known, women smoke... Read More »

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If you quit smoking will your lungs ever return to how they where before you smoked?

My dad after 20 years of smoking packed in & he always said he felt a lot healthier & could breath better.

Is it safe Smoking weed whilst pregnant?

Ugh, No. Your baby breaths the same air you do..

If you just found out you're pregnant and are trying to quit smoking is the baby going to be alright?

Smoking has harmful chemicals called nicotine and carbon monoxide. These chemicals make the mother's blood less able to carry oxygen and food to the baby.When You Smoke During Pregnancy There is a ... Read More »

Got stopped in town today whilst smoking a cigarette, they said 'are you aware its national no smoking day'?

Well im not a smoker but i think that's a darn cheek. It's got nothing to do with anybody else.