Quintuplets is how many babys?

Answer 5

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What would you name QUINTUPLETS if ....?

1. Jacob Robert2. Jordin Faith3. Hazel Mars4. Gia Rozlyn (Gia from the bachelor)5. Shane Henry

What would you name quintuplets?

1. Francisco William .. {France}2. Rose Violet .. {Rosie}3. Saoirse Agnes .. {Sassy}4. Christopher Noir .. {Kit} *5. Ottilie Adelaide .. {Lilou} *** Christopher = American Psycho, Noir = 'Black'Ber... Read More »

What comes after quintuplets?

Sextuplets:6, septuplets:7, octuplets:8, nonuplets:9, decaplets:10.

Your Names For Quintuplets BQ's?

Before I answer, let me say I LOVE Leah Brooke Hope on your list! Leah and Brooke are my 2 favorite girl names.... My Names:Leah CharlotteBrooke CeciliaHailey MarieEthan KurtLandon CharlesBQ: I pre... Read More »