Quintuplets is how many babys?

Answer 5

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How many babys are in a quintuplet?

Your Names For Quintuplets?

1. Lauren Chloe2. Gabrielle Maria3. Gabriella Alison4. Grace Harlow5. Anna Viviennelol... oookay. so i would NEVER name 5 girls these names haha. gabrielle and gabriella? BQ: i would name 5 girls:H... Read More »

What comes after quintuplets?

Sextuplets:6, septuplets:7, octuplets:8, nonuplets:9, decaplets:10.

Your Names For Quintuplets BQ's?

Before I answer, let me say I LOVE Leah Brooke Hope on your list! Leah and Brooke are my 2 favorite girl names.... My Names:Leah CharlotteBrooke CeciliaHailey MarieEthan KurtLandon CharlesBQ: I pre... Read More »