Quicktime - What does this term mean ...?

Answer Back in the old days of the Windows operating system (and a few others), the "short file name" meant an eight-and-three combination. That is, eight characters maximum for the file name, followed b... Read More »

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What does this computer term mean?

Well wifi is wireless internet, and the definition of intermittent could be one of these 1. stopping or ceasing for a time; alternately ceasing and beginning again: an intermittent pain.2. alternat... Read More »

My EFC is 00009* What does this mean, does this mean im expected to pay 9 dollars a year?

This means that your Expected Family Contribution for that particular award year is $9. Which means that as far as Pell Grant is concerned you are Eligible for the full award minus $9. It also mean... Read More »

What does the term DLL mean?

The term "DLL" stands for "Dynamic Link Library." Many of the core files of the Windows operating system are .DLL files, including device drivers, executable programs and libraries of code that pro... Read More »

What does the term ltd mean?

In everyday lingo, the term Ltd is an abbreviation for the word limited. When it is used in a business sense, Ltd refers to limited liability or a private company that is limited by its shares. Ltd... Read More »