Quick stupid question...?

Answer No, unless the movie is a VCD and not DVD format. Otherwise, you need to put it in a DVR disc.

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Is this a funny/stupid/bad idea QUICK I WANT TO DO IT NOW XD?

It's a brilliant idea cuz even if it's not that person, they might just think you changed it to that randomly.It's not childish, it's just funny :P Great idea, I'd do that if mine got hacked.

One quick fun baby name question game! - only one question but one with fun! :)?

This might be a stupid question...but...?

because actually bacteria thrive in warm moist and dark conditions, if you take a look, which I dont recommend, that is basically inside a human body

May seem like a stupid question but.....?

yeah your laptop will be wireless enabled so you can go to cafes, etc where they have wireless internet, but at home you will need a wireless router