Quick!! only got 45 minutes left!!! need help!!?

Answer Explain to ur parents that it is an accident! Its better to admit than hide

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How do i stop my monitor turning off to quick it turns off every 10 minutes?

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > ScreensaverIf you have no screen saver turned on, go to the power settings, and alter how long it takes before things shut down (you can set them all to... Read More »

You have three orders to deliver. The first one is quick, the second delivery takes 15 minutes by the time you?

Tell the cooks to not make the food (for the third order)until 10 minutes elapses-

I only have about 15 minutes for breakfast in the morning. What are some quick, inexpensive, and HEALTHY foods?

yogurt or fruit or special K ceareal or other healthy cereal or those healthy cereal bars =] whole weat toast with jelly is good too!

Can a Child be left home for 10 minutes?