Quick Methods to Stop My Hair From Being Fluffy?

Answer Hair that is dry or coarse can become frizzy and fluffy. It can be difficult to tame, especially if you are in a hurry. Luckily, however, there are some remedies that will reduce the frizz and even... Read More »

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Quick Ten points how can i stop my hair getting oily so quickly i have to was it every day?

wash it every other day, and eventually it won't be so greasydon't touch it a lot, it makes it more greasyif you blow dry it, it stays less greasy, but do it with a hair brush in handdon't use a lo... Read More »

Hi does anyone know of a quick way to unclog a shower drain from hair without drainoLike a quick home fix?

get some drain cleaner that works with emzines, this does not work fast, may take several applications, but it will not hurt the pipes, and, eventually, will solve the problem. Treat periodically ... Read More »

How to Get African Hair Fluffy With Magnetic Rollers?

African hair, which is often thick, coarse and tightly curled, often appears more voluminous and uniform with the help of a roller set. Magnetic rollers, which are used with wet hair since the vent... Read More »

Methods to Stop Global Warming?

Global warming is the rise in temperature due to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Global warming has had devastating effects in the world, such as reduced rainfall wh... Read More »