Quick Computer/RAM question.?

Answer For finding out what kind of RAM to use, my favorite app is CPU-Z's free, and doesn't need to install (so make a point to download it somewhere that you can find it, pref... Read More »

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One quick fun baby name question game! - only one question but one with fun! :)?

$$$$$$ Quick Question $$$$$$?

Just leave it alone. You did notify the bank - that is good. It could be someone else's or it could just be a typo from a clerk. It will be gone as fast as it appeared.

Quick pc gaming question?

That would be able to run games like Minecraft, half life, Garry's mod, and Skyrim pretty smoothly. If you turn the graphics all the way up on Skyrim you'll have some lag, but it's plentiful. And i... Read More »

Quick stupid question...?

No, unless the movie is a VCD and not DVD format. Otherwise, you need to put it in a DVR disc.