Quick 12 hour remedy for a cold?

Answer I would cancel -- you have a virus that you could pass on to the children, and that is very unfair to both the kids and their parents. Also, fatigue and sore throat can be indications of more serio... Read More »

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What is a quick remedy for acne?

Acne is a condition of the skin caused by clogged pores and inflamed sebaceous, or oil-creating glands most commonly found from the waist up. Too much oily/waxy material forms from these glands, pl... Read More »

What is a quick home remedy for bad acne?

First, wash your face several times a day. You are probably already doing that. Second, take a zinc supplement daily. 50 mg. Take it with a meal or it will might make you queasy.Third, if you w... Read More »

Remedy for quick recovery from cut on tongue?

Avoid spicy foods...Most mouth tissues heal rapidly. Chances are that you'll be fine before Saturday, without messing around with stuff like baking soda.

Whats a quick, home made remedy for pimples?

toothpaste,rubbing alcohol will dry a pimple out, the woman who did my facial once told me to wash my face with lever 2000 and then cleanse my face w/limes (works too).The best though,is chicken ye... Read More »