Questions to Ask at a Parent-Teacher Meeting?

Answer As a parent, you'll want to keep abreast of your child's activity at school. This not only includes academics, but social activity as well. Grades are important but your child's well-being is equal... Read More »

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How to Set Up a Teacher Parent SEN Review Meeting?

This article will be of use to teachers and parents (or guardians). It is helpful to know how a Special Education Needs review meeting should be set up so that neither the teachers nor the parents ... Read More »

How to Prepare and Ask the Right Questions in Your Parent Teacher Conference?

Tips for Teacher on Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences?

Parent-teacher conferences are a time for discussing students' growth academically and socially. Depending on the situation of a particular student, parent-teacher conferences can be positive exper... Read More »

Teacher Tips For a Parent-Teacher Conference?

Parent-teacher conferences can be a bit intimidating for a teacher, especially a new teacher. A student's parents and teachers share a common goal of helping him learn and develop. Parent-teacher c... Read More »