Questions to Ask When Getting a New Pastor?

Answer There comes a time in every pastor's life that he will need to leave his congregation. This could be because he chooses to leave or because the church asks him to leave. Regardless of the reason, t... Read More »

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How to Deal With Questions About When You're Getting Married?

It’s really no one’s business when or if you plan to marry; however, this query is commonly hurled at couples who have been together for a certain number of months or years. Many young people h... Read More »

When is pastor appreciation day?

Pastor Appreciation Day is also known as Clergy Appreciation National Day of Honoring. According to Hallmark, Pastor Appreciation Day falls on the second Sunday in October, so the exact date varies... Read More »

When is pastor appreciation week?

Pastor Appreciation Week is also called Clergy Appreciation Week. According to Reverend Linda McNamar of, Pastor Appreciation Week is the second week in October. The week begin... Read More »

3 getting slim questions.?

Answer 1: You may need to do both... For example: if you've been eating a 3000 calorie diet and have been doing 30 minutes of running a day for a month and you're not losing weight, then yes, the... Read More »