Questions on Social Contract Theory?

Answer "Social contract theory" is a philosophy based on individuals entering an agreement to form an organized society with the primary motivation of protection, while agreeing to surrender some or all p... Read More »

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How to Evaluate the Social Exchange Theory?

The social exchange theory explains a communication for deciding an issue that is seen by participants like a "cost-benefit analysis." Often individuals evaluate their considerations or situations ... Read More »

About the Social Control Theory?

Social control theory is concerned with the issues that promote social order and conformity. The theory specifically addresses factors which determine whether or not a person engages in criminal ac... Read More »

Social Moral Relativism & the Theory of Ethics?

Social moral relativism is a position in metaethics claiming that moral truth is relative to a particular group. While some philosophers adhere to this view, it is not a widely held position, and i... Read More »

Classroom Activities for a Social Theory Class?

Social theory is an umbrella term that covers an exhaustive series of subjects and contexts. Therefore, it is quite necessary that the contours of your course are clearly defined. In relation to so... Read More »