Questions on First Time Motorcycle?

Answer First off Way to go. Its a smart Idea to take a riding course. I have ridden all of my life and had to take it for insurance purposes at the Harley dealership. I came out with added knowledge. So a... Read More »

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Is the time between the answers and the questions shortened to save time on Jeopardy game show?

Portions of the show not affecting the outcome have been edited. I very mush doubt that saving air time is one of those things, they would cut any dead air where nothing is happening to move the sh... Read More »

First time Motorcycle buyer?

Riding dirt hurts, not helps. Since you can ride you can ride street -- but you don't know traffic. The streets is not dirt. The streets are not a nice safe race track. If you think you are goo... Read More »

What is the coolest motorcycle of all time and why?

the coolest one was the loudest one, the one that makes women and children run and hide, take shelter, scream and cry

Do you have to change both tires at the same time on a motorcycle?

It is best to change both tires at the same time and to use tires of the same type and manufacturer. It can be hazardous to mix tire types and in some European countries it is illegal to have unmat... Read More »