Questions for vegans/vegetarians with kids?

Answer 1) 31 and 26 years old2)Vegan all3)When they were little , First I would tell the teacher at the beginning of the year the Boys were Vegan ( and explain) , At a Birthday Party , I would either send... Read More »

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How can I get my kids to shut up with all the constant questions?

Actually, I think physical abuse can be highly effective. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying beat the hell out of them. That's crazy and wrong. But, just like with a woman, if you do it right th... Read More »

Reading Comprehension Questions for Kids?

Reading comprehension is critical to reading well. Even if a student can decode words, reading won't be useful to her if she doesn't understand how the words connect to each other. It may even caus... Read More »

Fire Safety Questions for Kids?

Children should know about fire hazards in the home and learn how to recognize situations that might become potential fire hazards. Teach your child about fire hazards and emergency responses, then... Read More »

Game show questions for kids?

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