Questions for Gift Exchange Ideas?

Answer If you are going to host a gift exchange, you need to ask a lot of questions about the exchange as you organize it. This will help you determine where to have your gift exchange and what supplies y... Read More »

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Fun Ideas for Christmas Gift Exchange?

When a family or group has a gift exchange at a Christmas party, a game is a fun way to get the presents distributed. An exchange game enlivens the holiday party and adds an element of surprise. Wh... Read More »

Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas for Large Families?

It can be difficult to buy gifts for a large family, trying to find something for everyone can be challenging, and sometimes expensive. But there are many ways you can organize a family gift exchan... Read More »

Charity Ideas and Christmas Gift Alternatives for Family Exchange?

Breaking traditions isn't easy, but it can be very rewarding. Look at Christmas a different way this year: De-commercialize the holiday by using it as an opportunity to pencil in family time all ye... Read More »

I'm having a christmas party on friday and were doing an "awkward" gift exchange. I need ideas!!!!!?

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