Questions about vegetarianism?

Answer CAN a vegetarian wear leather? Yes. But yes, there's incredible cruelty involved. Some leather sold in my country is from Australian cattle and is therefore a by-product, but it would seem the majo... Read More »

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A few questions regarding vegetarianism and animal cruelty?

Just because something claims to be free range does not mean it is cruelty free. And I believe that there is no cruelty free way for an animal to die. Having its life taken from it is inhumane and ... Read More »

Help with vegetarianism?

Vegetarians don't eat animals, or things which resulted from the death of an animal. (Slaughter by-products) The most common of these are gelatin, lard and rennet.Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat both e... Read More »

What do you think of vegetarianism?

i think it's wonderful that people at this advanced day and age are finally beginning to reallise that killing animals for no real reason is a pointless and cruel thing to do, we can actually make ... Read More »

Vegetarianism! Are You For Or Against It?

That is so clever.For or Against VegetarianismFor or Against eating meatAnyone else seen the possibility of answering FOR and meaning the opposite?I don't eat my friends.