Questions about the dough feature on a bread machine?

Answer 1. Yes ... as long as the ingredients are equivalent to the size of your pan. If your bread machine is for a one pound loaf, then you would want to use a recipe that is equal to one that would pr... Read More »

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Can you freeze bread machine dough?

On One Hand: Bread Dough Can be FrozenAny type of bread dough, including bread dough made in bread machines can be frozen. Any bread dough recipe can be used, and the dough can be formed into any s... Read More »

Can bread machine yeast be used for regular dough?

Bread machine yeast can be used in all active dry yeast recipes, including regular dough. For best results, add yeast to other dry ingredients before adding the required liquids. Optimal temperatur... Read More »

How do I remove baked on dough from inside my bread machine?

Unplug the machine and use a damp cloth to soften the dough enough to wipe it off. I wouldn't use any cleaning sprays on the machine. You don't want any of it to get into the machine by mistake. So... Read More »

Some questions about Phyllo dough?

There's a much easier way. Leave all the sheets in a stack. Brush the top with oil/butter, then flip the top sheet over (now the oil/butter side is down) and brush the top sheet with oil/butter. ... Read More »