Questions about the Front Page of "…?

Answer Well, I can not read the Japanese, but it definitely has that Anime appearance. Most of the "text" is either advertisements (located at the bottom of the page), or they are links to the current "n... Read More »

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Why is it you never see BWS questions in the Best Answers feature on the front page?

I've wondered the same thing.Obviously, a lot of the questions on here are of the 'Where can I get a fake ID,' 'How can I get drunk the fasted,' 'Who won on Tila Tequila' variety, but there is a fa... Read More »

2 questions about blood.Not gross questions.?

The first of your questions (is blood ever blue) is amazingly common. The short answer is NO. Blood is always a shade of red (bright red when it is oxygenated, and a darker maroon when it's deoxy... Read More »

How to Make a Web Page With Questions & Answers?

A Web page with questions and answers (frequently asked questions) can save you and your business time. It's helpful to add this page to your website if your company receives several questions rela... Read More »

How to Get on the Front Page of Digg?

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