Questions about nyquil?

Answer Under my knowledge it's not addictive. Take the normal dose prescribed on the bottle. To 'get high' from the dextromethorphan in the product would be a very bad idea, as there are many other acti... Read More »

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2 questions about blood.Not gross questions.?

The first of your questions (is blood ever blue) is amazingly common. The short answer is NO. Blood is always a shade of red (bright red when it is oxygenated, and a darker maroon when it's deoxy... Read More »

What do Aussies think about questions about the American accent?

I can't understand those questions. The people asking them always have such thick American accents.

I have some questions about computers. Please help if you know a lot about them.?

1) antimalwares which detects the malwares on your computer like antivirus.

A few questions about 5-HTP?

Its mainly used for a appetite suppressor. Not for sleep/depression.