Questions about going Vegetarian...?

Answer Well poultry and seafood are not red meat. But to answer your problem, no I don't think you can be vegan if you still were to eat poultry and seafood. I myself am a vegetarian, have been for 3 year... Read More »

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Questions about going blonde help!?

Well I think dark hair and light eyes is the most beautiful thing in the world. Dying will damage your hair to an extent, but you could always use olive oil or whatever to help repair it. I mean, i... Read More »

If I become a vegetarian will I loose weight (Also information about being a vegetarian)?

Some people lose weight on a vegetarian diet, and others don't. It's about the choices you make for a healthy lifestyle, combined with whether your body likes a vegetarian lifestyle.Many vegetarian... Read More »

Vegetarian questions?

Go to the PETA site and have them send you the Vegetarian/vegan starter kit. it really is a good place to start. Strict vegetarians don't eat milk and eggs. Some vegetarians think milk and eggs is ... Read More »

2 questions about blood.Not gross questions.?

The first of your questions (is blood ever blue) is amazingly common. The short answer is NO. Blood is always a shade of red (bright red when it is oxygenated, and a darker maroon when it's deoxy... Read More »